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T-Shirt Designs, 2006-2007

While I was making a daily webcomic (see Tasty Human Meat Comix and Alternative Universe Comix) I tried my hand at selling tshirts to the web traffic. I designed the shirts, got them printed, sold them through my website and PayPal, and shipped them out of my dorm room. The post office lady hated me.

Using the little bit of cash I made, in 2006 I went down to the Alternative Press Expo and shared a table (and a van ride down from Vancouver) with the Crown Commission comics collective. I packed as many shirts into my luggage as I could, and I sold them all! Or bartered the rest to other people for shirts, comics, you name it. My bag was heavier coming back than going down.

I kept it up for a year or so, but I got busy doing other things, so I let the stock run out and closed down the shop.