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Tasty Human Meat Comix

A Daily Webcomic
Part of the Daily Grind Ironman Competition
Published online 5 days a week, 2005 – 2007

The Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge is a competition between online comic artists to see who can maintain the longest Monday to Friday update schedule, following a strict set of rules. Each artist lays $20 USD on the line. The last man left standing takes the entire pot…

In an effort to improve my drawing skills, in 2005 (as a 17 year old pipsqueak) I enlisted in the Daily Grind Ironman Challenge with some internet friends. This turned into drawing a comic strip 5 days a week for 3 years.

Tasty Human Meat Comix was my original attempt to make a serialized webcomic. It revolved around Len, a lonely loser (loosely based on me), and his gay robot roommate (loosely based on my friend Rene Linares). I didn’t have a story really, just dreams and surreal things that would happen to the characters in this world. I kept it up for a few months, then switched over to making Alternative Universe Comix as the daily requirement, then switched back whenever I felt like drawing people instead of fish.

I published these on my then-website, tastyhumanmeat.net (now defunct), LiveJournal (remember that?) and occasionally had a strip printed in The Martlet, the University of Victoria’s Student Newspaper.

These comics were drawn with ink on paper, scanned into Photoshop, and coloured digitally with a Wacom tablet.

(Eventually I will have the archive for this up so you can browse the collected comics if you wish. – TK)


Daily Grind Ironman Challenge