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THE BONE HOUSE by Marty Chan
Produced by Apparition Theatre

Directed by Simon Mallett
Assistant Directed by Mike Griffin
Projection Design (Video, Images, Programming) by Tyler Klein Longmire
@ MOTEL Theatre, Calgary AB Canada

October 22 – November 01, 2014

I had the immense pleasure of being part of the Apparition Theatre collective in fall 2014 that director Simon Mallett assembled to produce a SPOOOOKY Halloween show: “The Bone House” by Marty Chan! It’s a play about serial killers, society’s obsession with killers, and about how easily people are manipulated.

The whole point of the show is to freak people out, so I had a lot of fun. The play is in the format of a lecture, so I had to make up a bunch of slides and audio-visual material for the lecturer to use while he sermonized to the assembled audience. I had to dig deep in the internet to find really horrific images of murder scenes, serial killer headshots in HD, viscera – anything that would get a shock. Pinterest was a surprisingly useful source for HD-quality gore imagery, if you can believe it.

The most complicated thing to create was the video above – it was a ‘cell phone video’ from a ‘murder scene’ that was ‘recovered’ by the lecturer and passed off as ‘real’ to the audience. We went out to the woods with a GoPro and shot this scene. I had fun playing with new recipes for blood mixtures, glass plates, in-camera effects, and making it look all glitchy and low-res in After Effects. The actors were our AD Mike Griffin and my bud and collaborator Lee Cookson.

We sold out the run of the show and had people screaming at the end of every performance, which was pretty sweet! Credit for that deservedly goes to our directors Simon and Mike, and the commandingly terrifying performances of Justin Michael Carriere, Mark Ikeda, and Brianna Johnston.

We didn’t get any production shots unfortunately, so I am posting parts of the design to give a feel for the performance.

“It’s all directed with a dry, clinical, psychotic rage by Simon Mallett, who pushes all the right scary buttons to make The Bone House a chilling, creepy night at the theatre.”Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald

“The Bone House under Simon Mallett and Mike Griffin’s torturous guidance is an experience and experiment in terror that works.”Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun

The Bone House - official website