My art collective Humble Wonder Theatre is currently developing a play / ride / mobile performance for the bike pathways of Calgary AB, tentatively titled ‘The Bike Play’, based on the collection of poems ‘The Distance Between You and I’ by Lee Cookson.

Currently on board is myself as director/designer, Lee Cookson as script/words/direction, and Laurel Green as dramaturg/collaborator. I made the little video trailer, seen above, to promote the workshop and submit with grant applications.

Our goal is to produce a workshop performance in the summer of 2014 to test out ideas, see what works, and explore how the relationship between audience and performer changes when everyone is on bikes and has to ride as a group to different locations. We want to initiate the audience into our ‘bike gang’, though we are still figuring out what that means.

We’re all passionate cyclists – Lee and I were both bike couriers for a time, I used to work for the environmental non-profit and bike-commuting advocates Sustainable Alberta Association, we make custom bikes for people from time to time, and in the summers we basically live on the bike pathways. We aim to share the secrets of the paths, and to reveal an undiscovered aspect of Calgary, to its citizens through one of the most democratic of inventions: THE BICYCLE.

Plus, Calgary has just approved a pilot project to install 3 separated cycle tracks in the downtown core. Cycling is coming up in this town, and we want to give our fellow cyclists something to bike to.

Humble Wonder Theatre