Produced by Sage Theatre as part of 2014 IGNITE! Festival

Directed by Jason Mehmel
Projection Design (Animation and programming) by Tyler Klein Longmire
@ Lunchbox Theatre, Calgary AB Canada

June 18 – June 22, 2014

I got to make up some animated, electrified and old-timey backgrounds for Steven Evanik’s play about Nikola Tesla for Sage Theatre’s IGNITE! Festival for Emerging Artists in June 2014. Got to work with director Jason Mehmel, now Artistic Director at Sage Theatre. It was a cool show – the design was definitely in a background, supplemental role, but I got to have fun with different looks to set the scenes. I used old film leader reel to project during the flashback scenes, and the rest of the play was set in the afterlife / limbo / eternity where light bulbs hung to infinity (which is what all the light bulbs in the video were for). During the fight scenes I added electricity to make things more dynamic. The stage also had lightbulbs hanging from the grid that matched my projections.

PLUS the show had a REAL LIFE TESLA COIL on stage! I got to play with it, so cool! Definitely made my hair stand on end. No one got electrocuted, thankfully.

Sage Theatre