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Written by Lee Cookson

Directed by Kathleen Greenfield
Dramaturgy & stage management by Tyler Longmire
Lighting & sound design by Michael Franzmann
Costume design by Ingrid Hansen
Set design by Scott Hendrickson
Performed by Marisa Smith, Graham Newmarch, Barb Hall & Graham Croft

Support of the development and initial production of The Shoes was provided by the Belfry Theatre (Victoria, BC) as a part of their Incubator Project.

Past Productions:
Spark Festival
Belfry Theatre, Victoria
March 11 – 15, 2008

Photography by Michael Franzmann

The Shoes is the magical story of a world famous cobbler whose dying gift is a pile of 1000 shoes. His penniless and divided family must walk a mile in his shoes to understand his mysterious past and find life in his death…

I was brought on board as dramaturg and stage manager for Humble Wonder Theatre‘s first big show, The Shoes in 2008. I’ve been working with the company ever since.

This production was generously supported and guided by the fine folks at the Belfry Theatre in Victoria, BC. They provided us with a budget, a slot in their festival, their production resources, and access to their mentorship, truly a fantastic opportunity for us. Their shop guys managed to build this amazing, pivoted frame for our gigantic pile of shoes and Gord Heal made us these sick echo effects with the pick-up microphones above the stage. And the support of their artistic team made the process of mounting the thing while most of the company was still in school much less daunting.

Humble Wonder Theatre - The Shoes