Animated Portraits by Tyler Klein Longmire


  • Richard Lam
  • Laurel Green
  • Rio Mitchell
  • Rene Linares
  • Joshua Dalledonne
  • Lee Cookson

Music by Eric “Rak” Smith

This premiered as part of the Calgary film anthology “Whatcha Got, Calgary?”
Produced by 201 Studios
Premiered September 05, 2014
Globe Cinema, Calgary, Alberta

I made a series of animated, looping portraits of a few of my closest friends. I was working on the concept when¬†Andrew Cormier and Joel Dryden from 201 Studios approached me to do an animated short for their Calgary film director’s anthology,¬†Whatcha Got, Calgary? So I decided to go for it!

This was shot mostly on a Canon Rebel T2i DSLR (though Rene and Rio shot theirs in Vancouver and Montreal, respectively, on what I don’t know). After I got the video footage I used After Effects to crunch frames I liked into a .JPEG sequence, then loaded those frames into Photoshop and rotoscoped them one at a time. I then sent the frames back to After Effects, looped them, tidied them up, then edited them together with the sound in Premiere.

It’s still pretty rough, I want to colour them and make it less repetitive, add more loops of these friends doing different things in different perspectives. But this took about 3 months to draw, so one step at a time?

201 Studios - Whatcha Got, Calgary?