‘Midnight’ by Laura Hickli

Director: Doug Cook
Stop-Motion Animation and star backgrounds by Tyler Klein Longmire

Animation Shot December 2014
Released January 2015 on BeatRoute Magazine: Check out the article!

SPAAAAAAACE PUPPETS! I worked with music video director Doug Cook on the FACE OF FEAR project in 2014, he had another video in the works that fall and came to me asking to animate some sweet space visuals for it.

I had an idea for star lovers in space, a sort of fuzzier 2001: A Space Odyssey vibe. I spend a good chunk of December 2014 locked in a studio at Quickdraw Animation Society, shooting this on a classic 16mm animation stand that I converted to digital. Made a ghetto multi-plane glass sheet setup to play with paint on films, different media, depth of field, and camera zooms. The people are made out of card stock painted with reflective paints, and then I did a TON of compositing in After Effects. After that Doug and the rest of the team worked the footage into the rest of the video! They shot the live action footage with my animations in mind, so they had some nice compositions for me to work in already. Green screens are the best.

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