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Written by Lee Cookson

Directed by Tyler Longmire & Joshua Dalledonne
Performed by Marina Lagace

Workshop was held in August of 2012 in Ramsey, Calgary, AB.
Apartment generously provided by Kathryn and David Winkler of The AREA.

Photography by Jeff Stevens

The Light Fantastic is an immersive performance which takes place in the apartment of a shut-in named Margaret, who after five years of being indoors is determined to leave. Margaret is sensitive to light and has an overactive imagination. Her primary companion is Bruno, a desk lamp come to life. However, motivated by loneliness and an unwillingness to fail, she has invited an audience to help her through her final hour as she walks out the door and joins the world once again. Part theatre, part installation, accept the invitation and come for tea at Margaret’s.

We did a workshop of The Light Fantastic in August of 2012. We got the keys to an abandoned apartment, cleaned it up, and explored staging and shadow play. We worked with puppetry, projectors, lights, and casting weird shadows around corners with mirrors.

Humble Wonder Theatre - The Light Fantastic