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i-ROBOT Theatre Video Design for Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre

Projection Design by Tyler Klein Longmire and Kaely Dekker
Part of the 2013 Beakerhead Festival
@ The ArtBox on 17 Ave E

September 11 – 22, 2013

I was part of the massive artistic team that Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre assembled to create i-ROBOT Theatre as part of the Beakerhead Festival in September 2013, directed by Charles Netto. I worked as Projection Designer for the show alongside Kaely Dekker, who taught me a great deal.

This show involved two massive projectors, 8 monitor banks, a TV and a live camera feed. The second act, Satellite City, was staged entirely in a projected world, with floor and wall projections overlaid on top of the actors. To get all this working we mainly used After Effects, QLab, and various video matrices, switchers and signal converters.

Also interesting in this show was the requirement to do a live painting effect, where the video reacts to the actor’s input. I managed to get this working by filming the actor and tracing her movements in After Effects.

Photography by Cassie’s Camera.

Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre - i-ROBOT Theatre