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Written and Produced by Tyler Klein Longmire

A Fantasy for the 2009 Student Alternative Theatre Company

Directed by Rene Linares
Set and Costume Design by Rene Linares
Lighting Design by Cameron Fraser
Stage Managed by Courtney Butler

Featuring Lucas Hall, Mik Byskov, Jonathan Mason and Tyler Klein Longmire

Photography by Cameron Fraser

During my final term at the University of Victoria’s Phoenix Theatre I wrote and produced a piece of epic fantasy theatre for the Student Alternative Theatre Company. I wanted to do something more personal, so I wrote a play blending my own mythologies with some broader, mystical Canadian ones. I grew up without having a father around, and a lot of other kids I knew did too. It’s a presence in your life defined by its absence. At the time I was reading a lot of Allen Ginsberg and beat poetry and ancient mythology and Canadian history, and I suppose I wanted to get something off of my shoulders as well. The show turned into a sort of “Howl” for the fatherless kids, a journey into the underworld to confront their anti-father.

Two brothers Ira and Eli, and their malicious cousin Ari, are confronted with their family’s past when they descend into the underworld in search of the truth of how their fathers disappeared. They encounter hostile spirits blocking the way to Ira’s father, who holds the answers to what happened one fateful night in their childhood when their parents got hungry…

SATCo: The Student Alternative Theatre Company @ UVic