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‘The Butt Muncher’
A live shadow puppet peep show created by Humble Wonder Theatre

Written and performed by Joshua Dalledonne
Puppetry design by Tyler Klein Longmire and Joshua Dalledonne
Video design and animation by Tyler Klein Longmire
Music composed and performed by Joel Crichton
Dramaturgy and booth hijinks by Lee Cookson

Commissioned by Telus SPARK Science Centre
Adults Only Night – Valentine’s Day Edition
February 2013

Humble Wonder Theatre was commissioned by the Telus SPARK Science Centre to create a new Peculiar Puppetronic Phenomena puppet show for their Adults Only Night, which also happened to be Valentine’s Day. Co-conspirator Joshua Dalledonne wrote a queer-friendly erotic romp we called ‘The Butt Muncher’. Josh wrote the show, sang the song, and performed with the puppets for the audience. Composer and musician Joel Crichton was kind enough to write a jaunty tune for us on his piano. I designed the puppets in conjunction with Josh, animated the video track, and I ended up recording and mixing the audio track too.

This show was my first real foray into trying integrating shadow puppetry and pre-recorded animated video tracks. There are some animated segments in the piece with no puppetry at all, and portions where the animation works in conjunction with the puppets.

We also made up a small printed chapbook of this show to give away to people standing in line for the show, or to buy off of us if they liked the performance.

Humble Wonder Theatre - Peculiar Puppetronic Phenomena