Beatrix P. Noseworthy Promotional Poster March 2011

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Poster Design for Peculiar Puppetronic Phenomena

For each Peculiar Puppetronic Phenomena puppet show I create with Humble Wonder Theatre, I make a title poster. These ones I emulated the formatting and style of old-time Barnum and Baily circus posters to match the midway feel of the puppet booth, while indulging in the cartoon ridiculousness of the puppet shows themselves. It was also a way to sell the show. The posters of the midway were designed to lure in the curious, after all.

When we first started doing them, the puppet booth’s full title was “Beatrix P. Noseworthy Presents: Peculiar Puppetronic Phenomena”, or at least that is what we were calling it at the International Festival of Animated Objects and the High Performance Rodeo. Beatrix P. Noseworthy was the fictional proprietress of the puppet booth who was present outside the booth drawing in the rubes. For the Animated Objects Festival Beatrix was in fact a human-sized peacock puppet, operated by Celene Harder!

Humble Wonder Theatre - Peculiar Puppetronic Phenomena