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Alternative Universe Comix

A Daily Webcomic
Part of the Daily Grind Ironman Competition
Published online 5 days a week, 2005 – 2007

The Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge is a competition between online comic artists to see who can maintain the longest Monday to Friday update schedule, following a strict set of rules. Each artist lays $20 USD on the line. The last man left standing takes the entire pot…

In an effort to improve my drawing skills, in 2005 (as a 17 year old pipsqueak) I enlisted in the Daily Grind Ironman Challenge with some internet friends. This turned into drawing a comic strip 5 days a week for 3 years.

Alternative Universe Comix has the following setup: sometime in the future mankind has triggered a nuclear catastrophe where the world is flooded and all human beings are transformed into marine life. People being people, they figure out their new fishy bodies and adapt to life under the sea. And promptly start complaining about their problems.

I started the competition doing another series titled Tasty Human Meat, and Alt. Universe Comix was meant to be a short break from it. But once I started drawing these weird little sea creatures once a day I began to like them and wanted to see what they could do. There were no specific characters, though I did focus on a few that I liked to draw – jellyfish, octopi, sharks. And there wasn’t much of a narrative – it was more of a vaudeville style, with different acts doing routines in a sunken post-apocalyptic environment. Whatever came out usually was a reflection of whatever I was thinking about that week, reflected through this underwater lens.

I published these on my then-website, tastyhumanmeat.net (now defunct), LiveJournal (remember that?) and occasionally had a strip printed in The Martlet, the University of Victoria’s Student Newspaper.

These comics were drawn digitally in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet.

(Eventually I will have the archive for this up so you can browse the collected comics if you wish. – TK)

Daily Grind Ironman Challenge